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Corporate Structure

The organizational structure of New Haven Mortgage Income Fund is important to the overall success and viability of The Fund. During the conception of The Fund, Jason and David worked to create distinction and independence between each part of the organization which has been incredibly successful.

Independent Advisory Committee

The Fund has an Independent Advisory Committee (IAC) composed of individuals who are independent of New Haven Mortgage Corporation (the Mortgage Banker) and New Haven Treasury Management Inc. (the Mortgage Manager) to provide advice and recommendations to the Mortgage Banker and Mortgage Manager with respect to the investment portfolio of the Fund. The members of the IAC include Mr. Cecil B. Lynch, C.A. of Port Hope, Ontario, Mr. Gordon R. Atkinson, of Cobourg, Ontario and Mr. David Goldman, of Richmond Hill, Ontario, each of whom have extensive professional and business experience in real estate and mortgage lending.


Where the Mortgage Banker or the Mortgage Manager proposes to enter into a transaction on behalf of the Fund, in which there is an actual or potential conflict of interests of the Mortgage Banker or the Mortgage Manager on the one hand, and the interests of the Fund on the other, the Fund will seek the advice and recommendations of the IAC. The IAC meets as needed to review the overall operation of the fund.

Cecil Bud Lynch CA, CPA

Cecil Bud Lynch is a senior partner of the regional Port Hope Firm of Lynch, Rutherford Tozer. He articled with Loftus Allen & Co. of Toronto and obtained his CA designation in 1967. He has completed 50 years of service, specializing in personal tax and estate planning with an emphasis on small business and extensive experience with buy-sell procedures and agreements.

Bud was a founding member of the Northumberland Mortgage Fund which operated a pooled mortgage fund of self-directed RRSP and RRIF plans, investing in first and second mortgages.

He served on the board at Northumberland Mortgage Fund since 1975, directing the approval of mortgages and administration of the fund.

Mr. Gordon Atkinson

Gordon Atkinson is the President of Partak General Contracting Company. He developed many industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential projects prior to retiring in 1990. He also has an ownership interest in the large Diamond Head Industrial Mall in Cobourg, Ontario.

Gordon was a past board member of the Northumberland Mortgage Fund, a residential and commercial mortgage lender in South Eastern Ontario and has decades of lending experience.

Now, semi-retired, he oversees his investment portfolio and is also a large investor in the New Haven Mortgage Income Fund (1) Inc. He also acts as a third-party member of the New Haven Mortgage Advisory and Audit Committee.

Gordon attended Ryerson University for Architectural Technology from 1970 to 1973 and for Project Management from 1974 to 1975.

Mr. David Goldman

David Goldman is Former President of Gateway Newstands. He is a personable and inspirational entrepreneur with over 35 years of business management experience who developed strategies to grow Gateway Newstands to the largest newsstand chain in North America.

Founded in 1983 in Toronto, David directed the growth of the company across Canada, and in 1991, Gateway expanded to the United States. David has assembled a world-class franchising team with the goal of opening 1000 locations. Today there are over 400 stores in Canada and 200 stores in the United States. Gateway Newstands has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as a Top 100 Franchisor, and number one in its category.

David has been involved with real estate and mortgage investments since 1985. He has been active in residential mortgage lending for the past 15 years and invested in major condominium projects including, King West (PlazaCorp), Emerald Park (PlazaCorp), 30 Ordnance (Fernbrook/Cityzen).

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